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After delivery I am 121 fasting dibeties. Harmful for babies??

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Hi mera baby 8 months main hua hai to main in ka khayl masa rakho

Ap healthy diet lijye, bache ki ache se malish kare and ho sake to jitna ho bache ko apna feed karwao

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Meri baby 3 month nd 15 days ki h wo thumb bht suck krti h feed b kr ly ..or feefer b pee ly reason h bhook to ni lgi rehti

Normal baby ka fingure such ise age me fir v aap contain globs use kar sakte h

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Hi I have 5month baby.can you tel bathing powder for my kid

M used jhonshan

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Mera 4 month ka baby h jo 1 din me sirf 2/3 bar hi urine discharge kar raha h 3/4 Dino se kya karu

Khun bomai korchoa

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4 month ka baby Urine discharge kam kar raha h kya karu

Baby BM pe nahi hoga aur aap powder milk jayda de rahe hoge usme water quantityvthik rakhe.

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Hi mom. My child is 3+ months old. I am not getting enough breastmilk. My baby is not liking powder milk. What shall I do?? Please advise.

Hi dear. .try to increase your breastfeeding it happens with all moms they get small feed in starting ...when you will go for feed take one glass water before that take lactonic powder n dates in milk....n try another formula

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increase breast milk diet and homeremedies.plz

Dates Jaggery Cumin seeds Fennel seeds Daliya Mung dal

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Hi my baby is 6month old i soaked ragi overnight nd taking that milk boiled that and giving to my baby in that can i soaked badam and give together. Whether is it good?

Giving badam or any dry fruits to 6 month old is not a good option. As baby is just learning to start semi solid food. He will not be able to digest that. For giving dry fruits u need to wait for 8 or 9 months.

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Hi please share the recipe of rice kheer or what kheer can we start for 5 months old baby

U can not give anything to 5 month old baby. U need to wait till 6 month then u can start with suji (rawa) kher For that take 2 spoon rawa roast it in little ghee n when roasted add water to cook it. Once cooked u can add crushed jaggery in it for sweetness. Then u can mix it n close the flame. When u want to feed it to baby just add breast milk or formula milk.

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